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Halloween Spooktacular

What better way to celebrate Halloween, social distance style than by watching your favourite scary movie in the car park of an old mill, surrounded by zombies and spooks?

Driving Movie were happy to be back with The Acapulco Nightclub this time at Dean Clough, one of the world’s oldest and largest carpet factories. Across this three day weekend we made the most of Big TV’s spectacular 46sqm mobile LED screen with the scary classic, Nightmare on Elm Street, terrifying IT and psychological thriller, Joker.  As the kids couldn’t trick or treat this year, they had a special screening of Monsters Inc to enjoy with movie snacks and sweets instead.

Anyone feeling brave enough to enter the “Scare Zone” had to be prepared for zombies, ghosts and ghouls at their window for the ultimate fright night!  Those of a nervous disposition could relax in the Scare Free zone.

Food and Drink establishments at Dean Clough offered a wide range of cinema snacks, able to order over the phone and delivered to your car.

It really was a Spooktacular weekend!