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COVID Guidelines

At Driving Movie, we operate a COVID secure site with risk assessments and social distancing procedures in place.

All staff are required to wear masks on site, and when dealing with customers. Hand sanitisers and washing stations are available.

All toilets are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Cars are parked at a comfortable distance and we kindly ask that customers be respectful of others whilst on site and remain in their cars unless collecting food or using the toilets.

Where possible, food deliveries are available with menus to view on our website with order by phone and delivery to car options.

Tier 4 restrictions

In the event that West Yorkshire is moved into Tier 4 restrictions, or another lockdown is imposed, we regret that any scheduled events will need to be cancelled. In the first instance we will do our best to reschedule the event to another date. If you have already purchased a ticket for an event you will have the opportunity to move that ticket to another date. If dates aren’t suitable, or we’re not able to reschedule the event then a full refund will be offered.

What if I get COVID or have to self-isolate?

If you are unable to attend an event because you have COVID or need to self-isolate, you will be given the opportunity to move your tickets to another event. If no dates are suitable, or we don’t have any upcoming events/availability you will be offered a full refund.

How many people are allowed in my car?

One general admission ticket admits up to 5 people in one car. The price remains the same. One ticket is for one car.

I have a Blue Light Card?

We wish to thank those emergency service workers who continually keep us safe.  Blue Light Card holders can receive a discount on their ticket.   

Can I sit outside my car?

To enable social distancing to be followed customers need to remain in their cars for the entire screening, apart from for use of the toilet facilities.

How do we hear the movie?

You will need to select a specific FM Channel on your Car Stereo. The FM frequency will be provided on entry to the event. You can adjust the volume of your own stereo to your personal preference for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Can I bring food Or refreshments?

What’s a movie without popcorn? Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to the event. However, you cannot bring your own alcohol. All we kindly ask is that you take your own rubbish away with you.

Will I have a good view?

We’ve set the site up to allow a good view from all cars.

Can I open my car window during the film?

Yes, all cars will be positioned far enough apart to ensure social distancing. This means that all windows and convertible roofs can be open. To ensure a smooth transition between events all cars are asked to face forward. We are unable to allow people to watch the movie from their car boot.

I drive a convertible can I have my car roof down during the screening? 

Yes, all cars will be positioned far enough apart to ensure social distancing. This means that your convertible roof can be open.

Can I have others in my car that aren’t from my household?

Due to the continual changes in guidance, we advise all our customers to follow the latest government guidance relevant to the location in which you are attending the event.

Can we park together with friends or family?

Parking spaces will be allocated upon arrival. If you and your friends arrive together, we will do our best to situate you in close proximity, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please also bear in mind that cars are positioned dependent on their height and size of vehicle, this may impact whether or not you can be parked near each other.

Are there height restrictions on cars?

There are no height restrictions on cars. If your vehicle is large you will be directed to the appropriate parking spot on site.

I have a van, can I park side on?

Yes. If you have a van or other large vehicle you will be directed to the appropriate parking spot on site, which will be positioned at the side or rear of the site.

How close will the next car be to me?

Cars will be parked in a car park style format and spaced to allow for social distancing to take place between the rows, so you can easily walk to and from the toilet. If you do need to leave your car please be aware of the people in the car next to you as you leave and return to your vehicle.

Are there toilet facilities?

There will be individual toilet facilities on site, with 2m between each toilet. These will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the event, and ample hand sanitising facilities available.

Can I bring my child?

Children are permitted at our events, but please be aware that they must adhere to the film’s certification. Our stewards will check to make sure that all audience members are the suitable age for the film. Valid photo ID will be required for any person we believe to be under the age certification of the film. The following ID can be used as proof of age: current Passport, current UK Driving License/Provisional License, VALIDATE UK, Citizen Card.

How will I get my ticket?

Tickets will be emailed to you as a print at home ticket or available on a App. Please ensure you bring your ticket with you either as a printout or on a phone/device. If you are not able to present a valid ticket upon entry, you will not be allowed into the site. Please check your Spam/Junk Folders for tickets after ordering. Please double check your email address before ordering.

What do I do if my car battery dies?

If you encounter any problems during the film or your car battery dies, turn your
hazard lights on and someone will assist you. We have jump leads on site and will

help get your car started again.

I have a voucher / coupon code?

Please select the tickets you require and press Buy Now. On the checkout page click on the text “Do you have a coupon code?”. The coupon code box then appears. Enter the coupon in the box and press APPLY COUPON (this is case sensitive so take care when doing this). At which point the website will reduce the cost of the ticket by the nominated coupon discount value. Please then complete the rest of your details as normal.

What do I do if I have a problem on site?

Simply turn your hazards on and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

What is Ticketebo?

Ticketebo is our official ticket partner. When you purchase your ticket, your bank
statement transaction will show as Ticketebo. Further information can be found at

Ticketebo’s website